Tuesday, January 6, 2009

day two.

i survived day two. barely. talk about one of the most overwhelming days EVER! i knew this would be an intense program, but in no way shape or form was i prepared for this. to start the day off right, lori and i got off on the wrong exit and ended up on 696 instead of at the hospital. then holly (my gps system) was telling us to get over 4 lanes of traffic within in a 100 yds during rush hour, um, that did not happen. thankfully, we found our way to the parking garage and being as excersise concience as we are, decided to walk alllll the way around the medical compound (about 15 min to get down 2 streets) to finally get to the wrong hospital, ended up on the wrong floor. finally we got a hold of our surpervisor and we rolled into our classroom, 20 min late. go us! haha

it is absurd the amount of work and projects and travelling we will be doing in the next 11 months. seriously insane. we have to prepare a case study on a patient we choose within our clinicals, write a very lengthy paper and present it to 15 or so RD's from like 5 different hospitals in an auditorium!! AHH!! i about passed out when i heard that. my supervisor, nancy, seems super nice though and very encouraging. it seems like she really wants us to LEARN and is not focused heavily on giving out a grade or making us pass tests, and i like that. i get my foodservice rotations out of the way in the beginning; they start monday. we do get to work at a diabetes camp for a week with kids helping them carb count and stuff so im supppper excited for that! i miss being with my kids SO much...and just kids in general!

oh...funny side note that my roommates will appreciate! so we had a women come in today and lecture on school foodservice (very dry and boring things) and i may have been drifting off a little and my roommate lori caught me dozing...haha whoops :) old habits die hard i suppose!

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